Tools to check for mobile app vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Finder for mobile App

vFinder allows you to check for vulnerabilities even if you are not an expert.

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vFinder introduce


Diagnosis of the vulnerabilities of the executable file

Checks for the vulnerabilities of the executable file in the Android app(apk) and the iPhone app(ipa).


Easy detection of the vulnerabilities

Checks the vulnerabilities easily, with automatic checks and various tests.


Provide result report

Each report of checked items is provided in the form of a report.


A tool that checks security vulnerabilities easily and automatically against software executables.


vFinder can dramatically reduce the amount of time and money required to check for vulnerabilities and simulate hacks before and after app launch.

Applicable object

Mobile : Android, iPhone(iOS)


vFinder function

You can save time and money by easily and easily checking the vulnerability of Android and iPhone (iOS) apps using vFinder.


Automatic check

Automatic inspection based on assessment item for vulnerability analysis of electronic financial infrastructure


User customizing

Selection of inspection items, Provide custom character filtering(Regex, String, Exception string).


Result report

The result of the checked item is automatically generated in the report form after the inspection is completed.


Manual check tool

Inspect critical data in memory, extract application(APK, IPA).


Provide guide

Countermeasures and Sample Codes for Inspection Items.


Inspection history management

Provides a dashboard and manages the history of inspection targets and check items.


vFinder Configuration

With the rapid development of hacking technology, we need to pay attention to the continuous trend of new technology. Whenever there is a change in the current app, you can check the vulnerability easily and quickly through automatic checking.

Extract IPA (iOS), APK (Android) files

Mobile device

Vulnerability Discovery and Checking

Report output


vFinder Customer Reference

vFinder is with leading domestic customers.

  • Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute
  • kb non-life insurance
  • Hanwha Life Insurance
  • POSCO Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd
  • nice evaluation information
  • Korea Education and Research Information Service
  • Central Federation of Savings Banks
  • Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Korea Internet & Security Agency
  • Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute